How to install Countertop Support Brackets

How to install Countertop Support Brackets

A new look to kitchen countertop and kitchen islands are taking this country by storm. Fading are the days of using wooden corbels to hold up granite countertops. What most of the world never realized was the little secret of wooden corbels looking beautiful yet not being functional. Corbels do not protect stone countertops from flexing or breaking! [Also have you ever banged your knees on one of those chunks of decorative wood when entering or exiting the bar? Ouch!]

The Original Granite Bracket was first in the industry to bring about a steel bracket that not only brings protection to your stone investment; but also allows your countertop to appear as if it is floating! [Bonus here, you also can add more bar stools around your kitchen island since countertop supports brackets are not bulky corbels getting in the way!]

First on the scene was the Knee Wall or Pony Wall Hidden Granite Countertop Support Bracket. Now, that is a name which is a mouth-full however, the name tells exactly what it does.

This steel support bracket is installed on top of a knee wall, or as some parts of the country calls it, a pony wall. Simply by routing out a space on the wall you can install the steel countertop support bracket flush with the wall allowing your countertop to sit level on top and bringing protection to the countertop overhang; which is so vital.

We thought we would share a little video with you on exactly how to install these counter top supports.

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