What’s the Big Deal About Our Steel?

What’s the Big Deal About Our Steel?

A Look at What Makes The Original Granite Bracket®’s American Steel Construction Better for Your Projects

When it comes to countertop support, the quality of the brackets is a big deal. We use only American-made steel to make our innovative brackets. This standard is important for many reasons that matter you—whether you’re an installer, homeowner, or a designer looking for lasting solutions.

Here’s a look at why our steel is a big deal for you.

Our American Steel Brackets and Countertop Braces Are Strong.

Yes he's standing on the brackets!

Not all steel is created equal. We know this firsthand because we were in the kitchen design and granite fabrication business for nearly 30 years. Back then, we struggled to find great quality countertop brackets. The options out there were too flimsy and not reliable. That’s why we started The Original Granite Bracket® company in the first place—to create great countertop support braces for which we manage all aspects of steel construction and quality control (we also wanted to ensure stock would be available to those who need it, when they need it—but we’ll address this point more fully below). 

Our countertop support brackets are manufactured with superior, American-made hot rolled steel. It’s strength you can stand on—literally! The quality steel we use is the answer for achieving strong, lasting support for countertops, bars, floating shelves and furniture—you name it.

You simply can’t be sure of about the quality of steel shipped in from other countries; there are no standards or guidelines that must be adhered to. Our cost is more by using American steel, but considering the quality and strength, it’s totally worth it.

Our American Steel Brackets and Countertop Braces Are Readily Available.

By using American steel and manufacturing our own brackets, we do not have to worry about being out of stock and having to wait for a shipment from another country. This enables us to get our product out to you faster—even with our free shipping.

There are too many other challenges you have to face when tackling projects. We don’t want your countertop support brackets to be on that list! That’s why we use American steel and make our brackets ourselves. By using only U.S. materials and manufacturing right here on American soil, we can ensure we have what you need, when you need it!

Our American Steel Brackets and Countertop Braces Are the Responsible Choice.

We feel strongly about manufacturing our brackets with “American Steel here in the USA” to give jobs to those here in America. Our promise is Made in the USA with American Steel because we feel so strongly about supplying jobs to families in our country, as well as producing a superior product from our years of knowledgeable experience. This is what our company is built on and the promise we will always stand behind. 

Additionally, use of American steel helps us minimize environmental impact. American steel is greener than steel purchased from many other countries. The steel industry in the U.S. has worked hard to cut its environmental footprint through improvements in energy efficiency, reductions in greenhouse gases, and increases in the amount of recycled content. Steel made here also requires less fuel and energy to transport.


We started our company because we saw firsthand the need for better countertop support brackets. We built our company on the standards and principles that allow us to offer the best products and service. We’ve grown our company because of our commitment to quality—proving that doing the right thing brings great results for our customers. At times, running this company takes nerves of steel, but we’ve got the support to do it right!




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