Returns & Exchanges

No hassle returnsReturn Policy (updated 3/27/2017)


Our return policy is a no ask, no problem, no hassle return. It’s that simple. You just need to do a few things in order for your order to be refunded/credited properly:

**Your items must be received within 45 days of purchase in order for a refund to be given. Once your return has been received, your payment will be refunded to the credit card you paid the invoice with, and you will be sent an email confirmation that your return has been completed with us. We cannot make exceptions on this, the credit card processor sets the days allowed to refund. If you are past the 45 day return poliy window we will gladly give you a credit with us.

**Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges. Please note; if you paid for expedited shipping that cannot be refunded since that was paid to the shipping company and not to us. 

**IMPORTANT**: Please make sure a copy of this Return Authorization email is inside your package as well as the RA# clearly marked on the outside of the package so we can assure you get the proper credit. This paper is the only way we know who to give the credit to so please a make sure a copy is inside your return.

**Seal your package securely! Shipping companies are hard on these packages and any items which are damaged or delivered to us as an empty box, in shipment (yes, that has happened) unfortunately cannot be issued a credit.

Returns are based on the following criteria:

  • Brackets were not customized in any way when ordered. Our Custom/Special Order Brackets do not have a return policy in place, therefore, Custom/Special Order Brackets all sales are final. Custom/special order brackets are any bracket that is not sold exactly what is listed on our website. This included lengths we do not have listed on our website. 
  • Brackets were not altered after receiving.
  • Any damaged items must be reported, by phone, within Two (2) days of delivery date. Delivery date is determined by tracking number from shipping company. 
  • Customer must pay to ship brackets back and brackets must arrive to us in the condition they left us in. Damaged brackets, even those damaged by shipping company, and even boxes that arrive to us empty because of shipper damage, will not receive credit- so package all returns well
  • If customer paid for shipping to receive the items, shipping is not refunded since that is a payment to shipping company and not to The Original Granite Bracket.  
  • Brackets must be returned within 45 days of your order. 
  • An RA# {Return Authorization Number} must be obtained by completing a Return Authorization Form and obtaining a Return Authorization Number.
  • The RA# MUST be clearly marked on the outside of the package plus a copy of the RA# must be placed inside the package.
  • If a form is submitted for orders past the 45 days of order only a store credit can be given, sorry credit card companies only allow us a short time frame on returns. We cannot change this policy it is determined by the credit card processor.
  • No credit or refund will be given to returns which do not have a RA#
  • The Original Granite Bracket has the right to limit or deny returns.
  • Please note the "advice" or suggestions we give on the phone and in emails are going off what the customer tells us. Though we do all we can to help the customer get the correct bracket if for some reason your bracket(s) do not work when you receive them because of wrong lengths, etc the customer is still responsible to pay for shipping of the returned items. We do our best to help but we are not there to see actually what you are conveying. Therefore, we highly suggest the customer check and recheck measurements and consult with their professional installer or contractor to double check the figures before the order is placed.  


Return Policy Explained

Any damaged items must be reported, by phone, within Two (2) days of delivery date in order for the refund process to be activated. There is a strict 45 day return window that is activated upon the date shipment was received by the customer. A RA# [Return Authorization Number] must be received from The Original Granite Bracket by completing the RA# Form and receiving a RA# before returns can take place.

Item(s) returned without prior RA# Form and RA# will not be eligible for credit or refund.

Any return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer and not the responsibility of The Original Granite Bracket® or any of its affiliates or the parent company. All refunds will be made after items are returned in original condition and fees deducted. If the brackets are damaged upon return to us, even by the shipping company, a refund or credit will not be given, therefore, it is vital to pack them accordingly as to not obtain any damage in shipping. It has been our experience that all shipping companies are rough on the packages so please pack brackets well so they do get damaged.

Your Refund:

Since your refund is on a credit card, here are some numbers you should know:
5-7 - business days it takes for your package to get to the fulfillment center.
7-10 - days it takes for us to inspect and process your return back into inventory and complete the processing of your refund.
2-10 - business days it takes for your financial institution to post your credit back to your account.


How do I exchange my brackets for different bracket?

We do not offer exchanges per say, however you are able to return your brackets for credit. 

  1. Place a new order online for the correct brackets you need here
  2. Go here to fill out an Return Authorization form for the wrong order to receive an RA# from us by email.
  3. When you receive back a Return Authorization (RA#) you will mail your wrong order back to us. 
  4. You can read all about returns here.