The Original Granite Bracket® Scholarship from The Original Granite Bracket®


Award Overview:  The Original Granite Bracket® of St Augustine, Fl hereby establish the The Original Granite Bracket® Scholarship. An initial scholarship of $500 will be awarded to a Florida student entering a four year college.

The Original Granite Bracket® began when it became apparent that the industry regarding granite counter-top installation was lacking an affordable and viable way to get hidden countertop support brackets for the stone countertop support and bar top overhangs, which have become so popular with fabricators, installers, designers, and homeowners. 

After years of owning a granite fabrication and kitchen design center we decided to address this need and started designing hidden countertop support brackets to support overhangs on granite and stone countertops. Thus The Original Granite Bracket® began.

This humble company is proud to say it originated the hidden countertop overhang supports brackets. We are most proud to be a Made in the USA company using American Steel.


Administration: The award is defined and administered as follows:

  • Title of the award shall be The Original Granite Bracket® Scholarship from The Original Granite Bracket®
  •  A scholarship review committee comprised of staff of The Original Granite Bracket® will be responsible for choosing the candidate annually.
  • Funds will be awarded to support scholarship(s) for tuition, fees or instructional learning expenses
  • The intent of the donor is to present at least one $500 scholarship.

 Scholarship(s) will be awarded to one or more students meeting the following criteria:


  1. Student receiving scholarship must have a 3.0 GPA
  2. Student must be currently enrolled in a Ministry program
  3. Student must complete a short essay answering the following question: “Please tell us about yourself and your future goals.”
  4. Letter of recommendation is required


Award application to be distributed in the spring; students to be selected by April; funds will be awarded by May. For more information and to apply visit

Whenever it appears that changing conditions make the plan no longer applicable, practicable or suited to the general purposes stated above, representatives of the College would confer with the donor or representatives of the donor to secure a modification of the plan. If the College is unable to locate the donor or a representative after reasonable efforts, then the College is authorized to utilize the fund for any other suitable educational purpose so that the fund will provide the maximum service to the community through the advancement of higher education. In such instance, the recipient shall meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Code

Section 501(c)(3).







President of The Original Granite Bracket®