We Are Green!

The Original Granite Bracket® , its affiliates, and the parent company are working hard to help the environment and bring green practices into our industry. We are always looking proactively for the best green practices both in our offices and in our warehouse.

Here are just some of the ways we are working to stay green:

In order to be green and not waste paper, we do not send packing slips or invoice copies with our orders; we have chosen to go digital in order to cut down on the amount of paper used and trash growing, therefore, all receipts are emailed at the time of the customers order to the email the customer provides.

In our offices we go green by using reusable pens, eliminate waste in printing by using Ecoprint software. For the printing we must do we use environmentally friendly paper and reuse paper no longer needed as scrap instead of sticky notes. We have set our photocopier and printer settings to single copies after somebody has used it and we also use smaller font to save the amount of paper printed. We allow our employees to go casual to cut down on the amount of dry cleaning which is better for the environment. We power down our company computers at night and eliminate screen savers to save power as well.

 In both our offices and our warehouse we use natural light wherever possible and for our lighting we use compact fluorescent bulbs. We use cloth towels for our restrooms thus eliminating paper towels. We use "real" glasses and dishes in our break room and we buy in bulk for our consumables. We use green cleaning products. And we literally go green by adding live plants to our office! We strive and are continuing to look for ways we can go green and keep our environment cleaner.