What NOT To do When Designing Your Kitchen

What NOT To do When Designing Your Kitchen

Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a place where mothers and wives did the cooking. They mean so much more these days and a lot of thought is put into their design. But if you are spending time, money and effort designing your kitchen, then you probably don’t want to make any mistakes while you’re at it.

What not to do when designing your kitchen by The Original Granite Bracket Kitchen Design Blog

Here are some things that you should NOT do when designing your kitchen:

Don’t Compromise On Storage

It is easy to imagine a counter in an open kitchen, or how grand a large oven would look in the heart of the kitchen. But you need to know that if you have limited space to work on (which most people do), then you need to use that space as appropriately as possible. It is necessary to allot space for drawers and cabinets so that you have enough room to store your utensils and other appliances. (Here are a few organization and storage tips for your kitchen.)

Don’t overdo it– Simplicity is the key

There really is no point in putting everything, everywhere. And nothing looks worse than lots of different ideas all over the place. The key is to know what to do, where to do it and knowing what is just enough.

Also, if there are too many things crammed in your kitchen, it is going to look as stuffed as a fat Thanksgiving turkey. It is important to remember that the kitchen is a workplace, and having space to move around is essential. Simple, elegantly designed kitchens look best, always.

Don’t work with poor quality materials

When planning, it might seem tempting to reduce costs by opting for cheaper materials. Your kitchen is somewhere you will be most of the time; its shelves, countertops and cabinets are things you will be touching everyday; therefore, their quality (or lack thereof) is going to affect your everyday life. (Need countertop support brackets for a clean look to your kitchen countertops?)

There are only a few things more unappealing than designs gone bad, and you probably don’t want that to happen to your kitchen. Do share with us about some other things that you think shouldn’t be in a kitchen’s design.

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