The Stockings were Hung from the Floating Mantel with Care…

The Stockings were Hung from the Floating Mantel with Care…

All kinds of floating things (besides shelves!) are supported by our Free Hanging Shelf Bracket: floating bathroom vanities, floating furniture, floating cabinets, and yes, even floating mantels and hearths. This bracket is the perfect concealed support bracket to safely and beautifully support all these items.

The Free Hanging Shelf Bracket is made to mount directly to the 24” x 4” wood studs inside your wall before the sheetrock goes up. While we offer both left and right angle brackets (determined by which side of the wall stud you are placing the bracket on), we now have universal angle brackets which can be installed on either side of the wall stud, eliminating having to decide on a left or right angle.

Here’s an easy, step-by-step installation video for installing the Free Hanging Shelf Brackets into wood studs.


You can also install the Free Hanging Shelf Bracket to metal studs. Watch this step-by-step video to see how.


In the spirit of the Christmas season, we thought we would share some gorgeous floating mantels that are perfectly decorated for the holidays.

 "Rustic elegance" is the phrase that describes this natural hand hewn mantel decorated with nature's bounty and a touch of glitz. 

We love this eclectic grouping of seemingly disparate objects. Each item seems to tell its own story, yet they all somehow come together for a very festive, cohesive look. 
This beautiful mantel combines fresh greenery and household decorative objects tied together via their creamy white hues. The result is a sophisticated country look.
What a clever (and fabulous!) way to incorporate your family photos into your Christmas decor. This mantel-scape oozes with cottage-chic charm!
This cheerful holiday mantel is truly an ode to art and crafts. Plus it makes us happy to look at it! 
Whatever you decide to "float" in your home you can depend on our Free Hanging Shelf Bracket to safely support the weight of the item. Connect with us any time with your questions; we're here to help! 

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