5 Mom-Approved Products for Your Next Remodel

5 Mom-Approved Products for Your Next Remodel

Whether she's a master chef or spa connoisseur, build the perfect space for Mom.

If you want to remodel a kitchen or bath in the house, chances are that the lady of the house is the go to for decision-making on everything from scheduling the demo to choosing the paint color.  According to Colette Carlson, an expert on gender and selling, women make 89% of major purchasing decisions.  Keep that statistic in your back pocket and take a few minutes now to think about products your women are begging for in their homes.

With Mother's Day coming up fast, these new and tried-and-true ideas will help you add that special something to make Moms and women homeowners everywhere love their spaces even more.

Easy Switch

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One-touch room controls can make any mom's life easier. These configurable keypads allow for countless room scenes with family-appropriate labels. Imagine a "homework" button that turns off the TVs and video games, and turns on bright lights over the kitchen table, "quiet time" that turns off lights in the busy kitchen in favor of soft lamplight in the reading nook, or "bedtime" to turn off everything around a busy household and switch on floor-level path lights as the kids head up to get tucked in. The dimmers and keypads are available in a variety of finishes to suit any design or decor. More than 60 manufacturers use the simple device discovery protocol, which means the system can auto-identify a variety of new devices without the need for complicated set-up or searching for device drivers.

Warm Up

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Direct-vent gas fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere, including Mom's spa bath getaway. Their contemporary design comes in square, linear, or vertical models and can feature a shiny black glass interior to add depth and reflect the flames rising from the burner. She can choose from decorative fronts, as well as different ambient backlighting in multiple colors. The best part is these fireplaces offer up to 24,000 BTUs of heat output, while the shallow depth maximizes any floor space, as no footprint or exterior chase is required. The units can easily be recessed into walls, or installed flush. 

Soak it Up

5 Mom-Approved Products for Your Next Remodel Photo: Jacuzzi

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the bath is the sanctuary. Today's homeowners are knocking down traditional walls to transform their former low-key bathrooms into soul-soothing retreats outfitted with the latest trappings the home spa industry has to offer. The hardest part is deciding which to choose.

The hallmark of the new "sanctuary" might be an oversized tub overflowing with cleansing waters that invigorate, massage and soak away your troubles. Bath design experts say these innovative tubs are the next "home theater" where, surrounded by music and candles, you're transported to a world of relaxation. Even if whirlpools aren't mom's thing, don’t let her shrug off the idea of a soaker tub.  A freestanding, solid-surface soaker tubs are the trending tub in the market. The larger tubs are made in a variety of materials these days, from lightweight acrylic, cast iron, copper and even stone, an organic material discerning homeowners are turning to more and more. The soft lines and curves feature contemporary styles to suit almost any bathroom design. 

Float the Counter

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Bathroom vanities are centered around creating a clean, spa-like feel. Intricate details and patterns, small drawers, and other touches are not as important as cabinets and countertops that create an unbroken, continuous appearance. To accomplish this minimalist feel for Mom, several things are key: ample storage space, clean lines, and good lighting.

Traditionally, vanities extend straight from the floor up to the sink. One of the hot trends in bathroom vanities is to have the vanity float a foot or more above the ground. This is done by using hidden countertop support brackets. These brackets are installed before the countertop is installed allowing for these strong steel brackets to take center stage in quiet strength – but only until the countertop is placed on top. Once the countertop arrives it does not have to compete for attention now that the hidden countertop support brackets are just that – hidden.

Mom can then incorporate under-cabinet lighting to add more depth to her interior design. Floating vanities come in plenty of varieties, including both two- and one-sink options. Mirrors above each sink help to complete the look of her dreams.

Slide Into My Office

5 Mom-Approved Products for Your Next Remodel Photo: Pinterest

Could Mom use a little space of her own? Whether it's an office, reading nook, or craft room, set apart a space just for her with the rustic but elegant effect of sliding barn doors. Sliding barn doors are as different as the people who choose them, thanks to the unique barn door hardware available. 

One of the best things about adding a sliding barn door to is that the opening and closing of the door is a simple push/pull system that gives a more welcoming vibe while allowing you to have more space in your room. Traditional doors don’t give you the option to decorate in certain areas of your room because of the space needed to open and close the doors, but with sliding barn doors, you have no limitations. Rather, Mom will have a multitude of potential!

Sliding barn doors also give her the ultimate privacy. A popular place to put a sliding barn door is in a living area that is connected to another room. Adding a sliding barn door as a divider gives you the separation you wanted, but never thought you’d have. With the new divider in your home, you’ll feel as if you have more room because it will finally feel like two separate rooms.

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