Countertops are the #1 Splurge for Kitchen Remodels!

Countertops are the #1 Splurge for Kitchen Remodels!

According to the recent Houzz 2018 Kitchen Trends Study, new countertops are the most common splurge for kitchen renovations, followed by appliances and cabinets. The same study (based on a survey of 1,734 U.S. homeowners about their recent or planned kitchen renovation projects) cited "decluttering the counters" as the number one kitchen obsession for renovating homeowners. The message is clear: when it comes to kitchen remodels, countertops are king. What else do you need to know about kitchen countertops in 2018?

Engineered Quartz Eclipses Granite

While granite remains popular at number two, engineered quartz has surpassed granite in popularity to claim the number one spot in the hearts and kitchens of U. S. homeowners. Two out of five homeowners will choose one of these two surfaces, with urban homeowners gravitating towards quartz and rural homeowners still preferring granite. 

Photo by TRG Architects - Quartz Countertops

Textured Finishes

The interior design movement towards more textured and tactile surfaces has made its way to countertops, with honed and leathered finishes becoming popular alternatives to a polished finish. While polished still ranks number one, many homeowners find honed and leathered finishes appealing for the look as well as the ability to conceal scratches and hide fingerprints. 

Photo by Cameo Kitchens, Inc. - Leathered Granite

Integrated Sinks

While farmhouse sinks have been trendy for quite some time, more homeowners are looking for the minimal look of a seamless sink. Integrated sinks are made from the same material as the countertops. The continuous style from the countertop down into the sink creates a flow from the work surface, resulting in a sleek, modern style that allows for easier cleaning.

Island Countertops

While traditional corbels and legs have long been the standard method for providing some countertop support and adding a decorative element to kitchen islands, the trend toward a more modern and minimalist aesthetic just begs for a floating island. Our Hidden Island Support Brackets will allow you to eliminate clunky corbels, angled brackets, or legs so that your countertop supports are virtually invisible. Hidden brackets will help create a sleeker, more spacious look while increasing leg room and eliminating "knee-knocking."

Photo by DG Design - Floating kitchen island countertop

Mixed Materials

This year will see an increase in the use more than one material in countertop design. A combination of materials such as wood, stone, and/or metal or glass, for example, can be used in creative ways to enhance a particular look as well as increase functionality for certain areas.

Photo by Exquisite Kitchen Design - Granite and wood combination countertops

If you decide to take the countertop splurge, we are here for you when it comes to supporting and protecting your countertop investment. We are the only U.S. bracket manufacturer who has actually been in the kitchen design and countertop fabrication business. We want to make sure you get the right countertop brackets for your project. Connect with us today to get started!

Featured Photo by Rehkamp Larson Architects, Inc. via Houzz

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