Getting Organized!

Getting Organized!

The recent Houzz Kitchen Trends Study cites “decluttering the counters” as the number one kitchen obsession among renovating homeowners, with the majority prioritizing storage over all other functions of their kitchens. What are some of the ways homeowners are meeting these priorities for decluttering and organizing their upgraded kitchens (as well as other parts of the home)? We recently attended a very informative  KBTribechat (a weekly kitchen and bath industry Twitter chat) on The Organized Home to learn what industry professionals and insiders had to say about this popular topic. 

What's the hardest area of the home to keep organized and what room seems to dictate whether or not a home feels truly organized?

The chat participants offered up a number areas that are admittedly difficult to keep organized: entryways, kids' rooms, wardrobe areas, laundries, pantries, bathroom drawers, drop zones, garages, linen closets are all areas that can be tough, but one of the most the most popular answers was undoubtably the kitchen. Likewise, as the heart of the home, the kitchen was also crowd favorite for dictating the feel of the home. 

How can designers and manufacturers aid homeowners in their organizational pursuits?

The question yielded a lively (and educational!) discussion on organization for the kitchen and other areas:

"Storage products can’t merely be functional, they also have to be attractive and should be something customers are excited to have in their homes." ~ Hafele America Co (hardware and specialty fittings)

"Additional storage in cabinets under the island is great for seasonal things." ~ Scott Kohler, designer and president of Dream Kitchens 

"Continue to focus on function as our clients begin to declutter they tend to replace 10 basic items with one higher-quality item. Provide the space to protect their investment and help keep them organized." ~ Village Home Stores (appliances, lighting, cabinetry, flooring)

"Designing in places for everything helps in decluttering. A cluttered environment is stressful." ~ Garcia Cabinetmakers (custom cabinetry, millwork, and producer of KBtribechat)

Under Island storage

--Hidden Island Support Brackets from The Original Granite Bracket allow unobstructed access to island storage. Custom Cabinetry by Garcia Cabinetmakers.--

"With home prices having positively shot through the roof in many areas, it is a very solid investment to add professional storage solutions. It allows a homeowner to maximize the utility of their home, usually their largest asset. Bang for buck." ~ Brad Hunter, Chief Economist at Home Advisor

 "A good place to start is to discuss with clients 1) how they actually use their kitchen and 2) what they would change about their current setup." ~ HomeDecorAZ (homegoods store)

"Choosing a modular bathroom vanity allows your customers to create a personalized storage solution that fits their lifestyle (and fits all their stuff, too!)" ~ Robern (bathroom vanities, cabinets, mirrors, lighting)

Wall Hung Modular Vanity by Robern

--Use our Free Hanging Vanity Brackets to safely and securely support modular wall hung vanities, like this one from Robern.--

"Open shelving really holds you accountable for organizing your clutter, doesn't it?" ~ DXV (fixtures and faucets)

--You can safely and invisibly float your open shelving with our Free Hanging Shelf Brackets--
"Many homeowners and clients are unaware at the true level of storage customization there is. It might increase your remodeling budget, but ease-of-use and space for your most commonly used items are keys to successful space planning." ~ Wood-Mode (custom cabinetry)
Planning your organizational strategy is an integral component of any renovation/ remodeling project. Whether you're going for open shelving, floating cabinetry, or under-island storage, you can depend on The Original Bracket Company for support you can count on. Connect with us today!

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