Kitchen Design Details: Countertop Edges

Kitchen Design Details: Countertop Edges

"The details are not the details. They make the design.” 

This famous quote by renowned architect and designer Charles Eames couldn’t be more true than when it comes to designing a kitchen. While the core design elements certainly create the foundation, it's truly the details that make each kitchen unique. Each seemingly small detail is significant as it contributes to the overall design aesthetic. The countertop edge profile is one of those details that can make or break or design, but the array of edge profiles available today is enormous. So how do you select the best edge profile to complement your kitchen design?  To get you started on your edge journey, we're going to take a look at some of the options available in each of three major categories: straight edges, curved edges, and fancy edges.

Straight Edge Profiles

Straight edges will work in most any kitchen style but are particularly complementary to sleek, modern designs with clean lines. All straight edges are actually slightly eased or rounded in order to reduce the sharpness of your countertop and to help protect the stone from damage. The amount of rounding you choose can significantly change the look. The top edge can be very rounded and the bottom squared as in the Radius edge shown below, or it can just barely have the edge softened.

 Here's a look at some straight edge countertops in a variety of kitchen styles. 

Curved Edge Profiles

Curved edges can be plain and simple, or they can get quite fancy. Curved edges can soften the feel of the room and work well in most design styles. Curves are easy to clean and are also a safer option if you worry about little heads getting bumped!

Like straight edge countertops, curved edge countertops work in a range of kitchen styles. 


Fancy Edge Countertops

Choose a fancy edge when you want to make statement with your countertop. Fancy edges are attention-grabbing and, therefore, best reserved for islands that are designed to be a focal point. They are beautiful but can become overwhelming if overused--so incorporate with care. 

Here's a look at some fancy edge countertops. 

Whatever design style and edge profile you choose, be assured that we're here for you when it comes to supporting and protecting your countertop investment. The Original Granite Bracket is the only U.S. bracket manufacturer with years of experience in granite fabrication and kitchen design. We're here to help, so connect with us now to get started on your countertop project! 
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