What Could You Do With a Few More Inches of Kitchen Countertop Space?

What Could You Do With a Few More Inches of Kitchen Countertop Space?

A countertop overhang provides a lip that extends beyond the front of your cabinets. The purpose of a standard overhang (usually about 1 1/2 inches) is to prevent liquid spills from dribbling down the face of your cabinets and to keep crumbs from finding their way into the drawers and cupboards below. When the overhang extends slightly past the cabinet and drawer fronts, spills will drip straight to the floor were they are easier to wipe clean.

If you have even just a little extra space, you can increase your overhangs and add more functionality. Even just a few inches can create a larger countertop and make a big difference. It’s a fact that countertop space is premium kitchen real estate, and the perfect place to create more of it is on your kitchen island or bar top. While the standard minimum overhang of an island or bar countertop is 12 inches, you can go larger by using supports such as our Hidden Countertop Support Brackets. In addition to gaining valuable countertop space, hidden bracket supports allow for more space underneath the countertop overhang and create a much sleeker look than old-fashioned corbels or legs.

So what could you do with a more countertop space? Here’s a look at how to take advantage of just a few more inches of countertop.

More Comfort

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association planning guidelines, the recommended minimum size for knee space at a counter is 17" deep. If you plan on having seating around your kitchen island or bar, the deeper overhangs will provide maximum comfort with plenty of leg room.

Kitchen counter bar top

More Space for Food Prep

Is there such a thing as too much work surface in a kitchen? Anyone who cooks would respond with a resounding “NO” to that question! A few more inches of countertop can increase your work surface dramatically, giving you ample space for food prep.

Island counter for food prep

More Space for Entertaining

If you’ve ever hosted a party at your house, you know very well that most people end up gathering in the kitchen. Regardless of the the size of your kitchen, guests are naturally drawn to this “heart of the home.” With additional inches on your countertop surfaces, your guests will have more room to place food and drinks, and lean in and relax. Likewise, you’ll make the most of more generous surface areas for by setting out spreads of snacks, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, as well as buffet-style dishes that will be more simple for everyone to access.

Serving wine and cheese on kitchen island

Homework Hub

The kitchen is the hub of the home, and the island is the hub of the kitchen, especially for busy families. A few extra inches of kitchen countertop space will allow for plenty of room for laptops, tablets, and papers, without interrupting mealtime preparations.

A few extra inches of kitchen countertop space allows for plenty of room for laptops, tablets, and papers

Increase Your Seating

Extend your kitchen island countertop overhang on two sides to increase your seating in addition to enhancing all of the above. Our Doubled Sided Island Support Brace is non-intrusive (no knee-knocking!) and virtually invisible while being a real workhorse in the kitchen.

Double sided island support brace


The Original Granite Bracket® has solutions to make a little extra countertop space go a long way in making a big difference in your kitchen. With years of experience in kitchen design, granite fabrication, and countertop installation, we have the knowledge and experience to help you select the right brackets that will work the best for your project. Give us a call at 888-584-1112 or contact us here, and let’s get started on your countertop project!

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